The History of Martin Braun

Martin Braun was born in the year 1964 in Karlsruhe, Germany. This is Baden’s
largest city and is located a mere 15 miles from one of Germany’s more traditional watchmaking centers, Pforzheim. Braun’s father, master goldsmith Karl-Christian Braun, was a well-known specialist producer of watch cases. Thus Braun was introduced to the world of watches at an early age.

He officially became a watchmaker upon graduating from Pforzheim’s famed School
of Watchmaking in 1983 – with honors. He then embarked upon an internship with
a well-known watch company, followed by the title of master watchmaker in 1991
at the age of 27. The modernistic table clock he built for his final examinations contained an eight-day movement, Republican calendar (French system in use from 1792 until 1806), date, accurately running moon phase, and an equation of time
that Braun developed himself.

Outside influences caused Karl-Christian Braun’s company to falter, and Martin’s master diploma inspired the two to begin creating mechanical masterpieces once again starting from 1991, at a time when the mechanical renaissance had just
begun. The pair came across interesting, rare, and vintage mechanical movements from Pforzheim and other Luxury companies elsewhere, which they restored
according to their precise specifications and housed in one-of-a-kind cases.

So he becomes trained also to handle vintage movements, make restorations, saw
all the complicated mechanisms like perpetual calendars, minute repeaters and all kinds of chronographs. His masterpiece at that time, was a Lange & Söhne Minute repeater with chronograph from 1905. A movement of which Lange build only 3 pieces, it took him 200 working hours to let it look like new and build a 18 carat rosegold case for that rare timepiece. The company, now called CCM after the
initials of the partners, flourished, earning Martin Braun a well-deserved reputation
as a specialist in the classics.

During Martin Braun’s studies to become a master watchmaker, he had worked
on an idea with one of his instructors for a timepiece to show the times of sunrise
and sunset. After his father planned to retire, Braun worked on this concept for
almost five years before proudly presenting the fruits of his labor, the EOS model,
in November 2000. At the same time he announced the founding of his own brand featuring a collection of watches strictly of his own design.

Martin Braun & Franck Muller Group

Martin Braun, a name that is known to the watch world for its astronomical complications. But not only that, but also for his individual creativity and
incomparable designs. With always new ideas, Martin braun has been able to
establish himself on the intenational markets over the last years. This was one
of the reasons why the brand is now part of the Franck Muller Group in Geneva.

A step which for the brand and the person Martin Braun was the absolute right decision. For Martin Braun this decision was big steps towards the future. It is part
of a clear brand strategy and brand positioning, built on creativity, individuality, exclusivity and last not least on complete new possibilities for future developments.
All my ideas and projects are now much easier to realize, thanks to the support of Franck Muller Group”, says Martin Braun. “We have a great team and the future is very promising”.